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TU CASA PROJECT is a non-for-profit organization comprised by local community, Chicagoland social entrepreneurs and business members.

TU CASA PROJECT a new vision created in old values, the Tu Casa Project will pay homage to our traditions of extending a helping hand for the advancement of hope in our community. Bringing together resources and creating a scholarship program, business microgrants, workshops for the senior generation through a new generation of youth programming, vocational education, financial education, entrepreneurship opportunities, mentorship, and community investment.

TU CASA PROJECT offering programs that will help in every aspect of our peoples’ lives and a connection to the legacy of our community.

Our Vision

A new vision created in old values to build community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire, facilitate and create a resource for Chicago Latinos growth utilizing social entrepreneurship through community partnerships encouraging education and success.


We Need Your Support Today!

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